Salted and Unsalted Butter 82% Fat for sale

The product is a solid emulsion of water in oil, pale yellow, creamy and homogenous with no streakiness or evident free moisture. Manufactured from fresh pasteurized cream derived from whole cow milk, chilled and aged prior to churning and salting on a continuous butter-maker to give a finished product of not less than 82% fat and a salt content not exceeding 2.0%.



Fresh pasteurized cream derived from pure cow’s milk.
Light yellow in color.
Free from particles with a smooth fine grain solid structure.
Clear and mild flavor typical of pure milk fat, free from sour, bitter and rancid taints.

Chemical specifications

pure butter fat not less than 82%
moisture and milk solids total not more than 18%
iodine index 33-43 range
saponification value 210-235 range
polenske index 1.5-3.7 range
free fatty acid 0.3% max
peroxide value 0.6 meq/kg.max
melting inter 30-34 range
Non milk fat not detectable
radio activity (cs137) content in butter less than 10bq/kg

Microbiological specifications

total viable count <5000/gm
coliforms not detectable in 1 g
e.coli absent in 1 gram
salmonella absent in 25 grams
coagulase +ve staphylococci absent in 1 gram
yeasts <50 / gm
moulds <50 / gm
listeria absent in 25 grams

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