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Hulled Red Lentils are a member of the pea family. These small, disk-shaped seeds are full of nutritional value. These lentils are packed with calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, and vitamin A and make an easy and healthy addition to rice, soups, and stews.

Our quick-cooking Organic Split Red Lentils are ideal for dips and soups because they break down the longer they cook, resulting in a creamy, satisfying, protein-rich dish. The mildly sweet and nutty flavor goes especially well with Indian-style cuisines such as dal and curries. Like other lentils, they are an excellent source of protein and fiber.

Red Split Lentils, Red Football LentilsWhole Red Lentils


Product Name
Masoor Dal Lentils
Whole / Split Pulses
Rich in Protein

Red lentils / red split lentils / red crimson lentils
puy lentils
green lentils
brown lentils
yellow lentils / yellow split lentils/ yellow whole lentils
black beluga lentils


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