Product Name Fresh garlic
Varieties Normal white garlic(Red garlic) & Pure white garlic
Size 4.5-5.0cm , 5.0-5.5cm , 5.5-6.0cm , 6.0-6.5cm , 6.5cm,7.0cm
Transporting Temperature minus 3 to +2 celsius degree
Shelf life 1 year under proper condition
Delivery time within 8 days after payment
Supplying Period (all the year round) The whole year
Packing 1) Loose Packaging.

5kgs,6kgs,8kgs,9kgs,10kgs mesh bag,sack or box


2) Pre-pack (small packaging)

3pcs,4pcs,5pcs,6pcs etc / bag

100g,150g,200g,250g,500g,800g,1kg / bag

0.5lb,1lb / bag

then to 5kgs,6kgs,9kgs,10kgs mesh bag,sack or box


3) Customized packaging


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